Sleep Apnoea


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    How do you treat Sleep Apnoea?

    Sleep Apnoea can be a worry… but the good news is we have solutions!

    How we can help you…

    We are a Somnomed accredited practice and have the training, skills and experience to accurately diagnose and effectively treat sleep apnoea.

    Did you know…

    4.2 million people in Australia have a sleep breathing disorder and up to 80% of these people remain undiagnosed.

    Misdiagnosis is also a huge concern and people can become frustrated when the treatment their health practitioner has recommended doesn’t work. Our assessment and treatment is simple yet effective and can change your life.

    How do you treat Sleep Apnoea?

    Once you’ve had an assessment, a sleep physician will recommend the best appliance for your condition which we custom make specifically for you.

    How does the appliance work?

    Each appliance is different, but they are worn at night and generally work by holding the jaw forward which leaves the airway clear so you can breathe easily and enjoy a restful sleep.

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