Children's Dental Care Services

Our team of Oral Health Therapists specialise in the dental care of your child. We provide gentle, customised care in a friendly environment.

  • TVs above chairs with your child’s choice of channel
  • Painless anaesthetic with ‘the Wand’
  • Fluoride treatments in a range of flavours
  • Sports mouthguards customised to your child’s team/favourite colours

What is ‘the Wand’?

Some dental treatment requires local anaesthetic injections. Fortunately at Mitcham Dental Clinic ‘the Wand’ is available. The Wand is a unit that delivers painless local anaesthetic without the stinging sensation. The increased comfort of this technique is made possible by the gentle, slow and steady automated technique of the Wand technology. Sounds like you? The wand is suitable for children and adults.

The Wand is found to cause less injection anxiety than any other method of injection. (Kudo et al, 2001).

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