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Let us answer your questions!

Let us answer your questions!

​At the Mitcham Dental Clinic, we offer a wide range of dental treatments from cosmetic procedures to general day-to-day health improvements. We are often asked the same questions so we’ve put together some answers for your reference. If your question is not answered below, please get in touch with our team!

How can I make my teeth whiter?

We offer an in-chair or take home treatment to whiten teeth. Contact us for more information.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a permanent way to replace missing teeth so you can smile, eat and speak with confidence. A dental implant is a titanium screw implanted into the jaw bone so an artificial tooth can be attached and act as a natural tooth. It is the closest alternative to your original teeth. Contact us for more information.

​I have a row of teeth missing, how can I fix this?

There are multiple treatment options if you have suffered from the loss of more than one tooth. These include: bridges and crowns, implants (including mini-implants and All-On-Four) and SnapOn Smile. Arrange a consultation with us to see which treatment would work best for you.

I have unsightly amalgam fillings, can I replace them?

Yes, we can restore your outdated fillings with tooth-coloured composite resin fillings that will restore the aesthetics of your smile. Composite fillings are a durable option and pose no health concerns to the body. These fillings are easily completed in the one visit. To learn more about composite fillings, contact us today.

​What can I do to prevent cavities and save my teeth?

At the Mitcham Dental Clinic, we employ preventative oral health methods to ensure the health of your teeth. We also have an in-house hygienist who scales any built-up calculus away from the teeth and gums, using deep cleans and polishes.
Most importantly, our hygienist can educate patients on preventative measures to ensure oral and gum health. It is vital to have regular check-ups to ensure teeth and gum health is in order so that no further health concerns can arise. If your teeth are in need of salvaging, we provide restorative treatments to save as much of the natural tooth as possible. Contact us to learn more about preventative oral health today.

I have breathing issues that wake me at night. Is this sleep apnoea and how can dentistry help?

If you sometimes wake up tired and breathless in the middle of the night, you may suffer from Sleep Apnoea. Sleep Apnoea occurs when the tissues in the back of the mouth become so relaxed that they collapse, blocking the airways and disrupting breathing patterns. Contact us to learn more about the treatment options we can provide.


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