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Terms of Acceptance

Terms of Acceptance

By becoming a client at Mitcham Dental Clinic you agree to the following terms;


Dental Treatment

We take your safety and health seriously. All equipment is either disposable or sterilised using an
autoclave which is regularly tested.

It is our policy to take diagnostic radiographs (x-rays) at the first examination and specific
radiographs as required before certain procedures. If you do not wish for radiographs to be taken
please advise your practitioner who will document this in your notes. A practitioner may not be
held liable where radiographs are refused.



All information collected from you is considered confidential and is necessary to ensure that the
best possible treatment can be provided. Therefore, your permission is required to obtain your
records from other medical practitioners.



We request payment on the day at the completion of your appointment.
Should any account become outstanding, the patient or person responsible for the accounts will be
responsible for all debt collection charges incurred.
All quotes are valid for 6 months. After this time a quote becomes invalid and a new quote may
reflect altered fees.


High-demand appointments

Evening (from 6pm) and Saturday appointments are especially popular and often book in advance.
To secure an appointment at these times, we request a deposit of $50 per 30mins scheduled. This
deposit will be applied to your final treatment costs.


Missed and Cancelled Appointments

We understand that sometimes appointments need to be cancelled. We simply ask that you notify
us as soon as possible and with a minimum of 24 hours notice, as this gives us the opportunity to
help other patients.

Fees apply to any appointment that is missed or cancelled without notice. The fees are as follows;

  • For all clients who miss an appointment with no prior communication to Mitcham Dental
    Clinic, a minimum $50 cancellation fee, per half hour scheduled applies.
  • For all clients who give less than 24 hours notice, no fee will be charged on the first
    occurrence. However, if late cancellation occurs on additional occasions, we will require a
    deposit to secure your future appointments.

Mitcham Dental Clinic may waive these fees in extenuating circumstances


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