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Cavities are one of the most common of all health problems, and even if you’re proactive with your oral health, at some point you may have a decayed tooth. We need to treat cavities as soon as possible to remove the decay and fill it to prevent further damage. Fillings are one of the most important treatments we offer.


We believe in using conservative treatments that are the most effective for protecting your oral health. In most cases when we catch a cavity, a filling is all that’s needed to restore your tooth and prevent decay from spreading and causing more serious problems in the future.

One of the more popular materials to treat cavities is a composite resin which is a tooth-coloured material. Tooth coloured fillings are made of a mixture of glass and resin particles for an appearance similar to the dental enamel. Composite fillings can be shaded to match the colour of the existing dental enamel for a beautiful seamless repair. Before we set it, the composite filling material is easily mouldable and can be shaped to match the contours of your teeth. Once we have finished the repair, even you won’t be able to see it!


Tooth Coloured Filling FAQ